Wrapping Up the Season! 2018

Another great season is coming to a close…

3 more successful TIP Clinics in 2018 and so many happy faces =)! As always, it is a great pleasure for us to share the local sites with our eager and energetic TIP participants. Watching the connections unfold between each pilot and their gliders is a special gift. A big thank you to all who came out and took the opportunity to progress with us. Everyone this season made amazing improvements. Your positive feedback and ongoing flying adventures, after clinic, continue to energise our team to keep these programs running. So much love and gratitude to the whole TIP and Fly Nazaré communities!

Gear of the Year!

29101489_2013341715658751_408229829666668544_oIt can’t go without a mention… There is no question of the added value our participants received during the TIP programs this year, made possible by the incredible YOTI mini-wings from FLOW Paragliders. One year ago, we went out on a limb to test these seemingly revolutionary little wings. With just 15m2, it is almost impossible to believe how well they fly in average to strong conditions. Even with all of their flying performance they still provide an excellent tool for practice and play in properly strong wind. Thanks for creating and sharing these fine tools with us and the TIP community!


If you are considering a small wing for strong wind and ground-handling, feel free to contact us for more details about these amazing gliders. We are thrilled with their performance and durability and we are sure that you will be too!

Group Lessons (2 weeks, May 10-26)

Our 2019 schedule is now available for registration. Currently there are 2 scheduled programs (May 10-18 + May 18-26). Both programs are open to beginners and advanced pilots and content will be delivered effectively to both levels. Whether you are a first timer in the wind or looking to master advanced techniques, these programs are filled with value-packed content for progression!

Private + Semi-Private
(April 15 – June 5 *excluding group dates)

During the unscheduled group time from April 15- June 5 2019, the team is holding space for private and semi-private courses. Interested in some one-to-one assistance? Inquire to tipclinics@gmail.com directly to reserve your preferred dates.

WINTER ESCAPE PLAN  12.2018 – 03.2019

Though we are pretty lucky to have warmer weather here in Portugal over the winter period, it just doesn’t cut it for us die-hard paragliding pilots ;)! We will be setting off for the sun this week are extending the invitation for fun in the sun, sand and wind to our community this winter. Looking to get away? Join us in Morocco this winter. We will be on a fairly unscheduled tour, following the good weather. If you would like to join us for free-flying or GH Master Class, Send an email directly with your dates and interests. Morocco has several accessible airports in the areas we will be passing. Feel free to contact us directly for more informations: tipclinics@gmail.com or flynazare@gmail.com.


~ with Marcel Metzinger, DE


This past season we had a great surprise from a German group of pilots, lead by Paragliding Instructor and Guide, Marcel Metzinger. This was not the first German group that has come through Nazaré in the past, but there was something different about this one, enough that it really took us by surprise.

The group arrived for a typical flying holiday, however, conditions at the time were much more conducive to ground-handling than proper flying. Where as many groups of this nature would typically prefer to stay home or not take out the gliders, Marcel’s group was motivated and happy to get out there and play with the wind…. our kind of group ;). The pilots had a mixed level from beginners to competent xc pilots, and each one of them took profit to expand on their current abilities. Though it was not a formal GH training week, every pilot in the group returned home with a higher level of confidence and freedom with the gliders, just by getting out there and practicing.

We are so pleased to see this fresh energy out of Germany and are certain that it had a lot to do with the great energy of the group leader, Marcel Metzinger.


Marcel was patient, happy, encouraging and prepared to make the best of each day with his group. Packing a few small gliders for the stronger wind days and always being out there enjoying and demonstrating how to play in the conditions of the day.

If you are travelling through Germany next season, definitely look this guy up! We know we will ;).

Looking forward to another great year ahead! Wishing a wonderful festive season to everyone. Happy adventuring, wherever this season takes you =). And if you need some inspiration or a winter escape plan of your own, gives us a call!

Best wishes,
Erica Dobie + Leonardo Jesus

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