DATES: 05-11.05.2018
1050 EUR / 550* EUR
*When joining with a pilot in same room.

DATES: 14-20.05.2018
5-6 Pilots, + Non-Pilots



What’s Included:

  • Ground-Handling Techniques, detailed and personalised with Erica Dobie + Leonardo Jesus
  • Stretch, Strengthen and Flow for PG pilots + Non-pilots, with yoga instructor Bunok Kravitz
  • Optional Tandem Flight for Non-Pilots
  • Accommodation in the TIP House directly on the beach of Nazare with huge garden and terrace: 6 nights in a private room
  • Airport Transfers on arrival and leaving days (inquire for details)
  • Dinner on arrival day + Breakfast first morning.
  • TIP Gift!

Not Included:

  • Meals *a kitchen will be available to prepare meals, and time for grocery shopping will be facilitated. Restaurants are a 15 minute walk from the house.
  • Airfare, Travel Insurance, Cancellation Insurance


Clinic Guides:


Name: Erica Dobie + Leonardo Jesus
Clinic Role: In this clinic component, participants will build ground-handling techniques for their flying styles. Erica + Leonardo give attention to understanding each participant’s background, dreams and needs as a pilot, to determine and develop techniques that are important to them. Sustainable progression is at the forefront of this component, offering an experience that lasts beyond the clinic. Participants can expect to gain a greater sense of freedom and confidence with their gliders.


Name: Bunok Kravitz
Clinic Role: Participants will be treated to daily trainings for strength, flexibility and balance, specifically geared towards paragliding pilots. Using yoga as a platform, Bunok focuses on building introspection of our bodies, tuning into our intuition and expanding recognition of the physical connection in ground-handling and free-flight. Participants can expect to gain a greater understanding of how to connect with our flying from a physical perspective.

About this Clinic:

TIP Clinics are about building the relationship between the pilot and glider. Understanding and utilising this connection provides a powerful platform for success in the sky.

Non-Flyers will enjoy a daily yoga practice, held at the seaside accommodations. Tandem flying will be available, depending the weather, and participants will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful beaches in and around Nazare.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR2812.JPGWho is this clinic for?

  • Licensed Paragliding Pilots, with applicable insurance for solo paragliding
  • Pilots who feel their progression is limited by their ground-handling techniques and physical / intuitive connection with the glider
  • Pilots who are ready to improve their level and see the value of combining these components in a clinic

Fun for Non-Pilots

  • Non-flying participants can explore the charming tourist sites in and around Nazare or join the flyers at the beautiful sea-side flying locations
  • 1-2 Yoga classes will be offered daily
  • Tandem Flight for interested participants


Destination + Accommodations:

Guests will stay near the sea at a Portuguese private villa. This property is the perfect location for this TIP clinic:

  • central to 6 different nazareflying-sites around Nazare
  • peaceful and spacious
  • accommodates our yoga practices and group discussions
  • one kitchen per 2/3-bedroom house
  • perfect for group meals or barbecues
  • 15 minute walk to the centre of Sitio, Nazare (the charming cliffside section of Nazare)
  • 10-15 minutes from shops, restaurants, cafes and tourist sites of Nazare

Nazare is a charming, sea-side village. It is one of the most traditional villages left in Portugal and offers the perfect location to discover Portuguese culture, on the ground and in the sky!

People have been paragliding here for over 30 years, yet the sites are blessed with a sense of peace and quiet and we often have the spots entirely to ourselves.

Things to see and explore:

  • Large Beautiful Beaches
  • Flyable Coastline for N, NW, W, SW, + S
  • Mountain Sites Just 45 min. Away
  • Great opportunities to work on ground handling and top-landings
  • Castles, Caves, Museums
  • Traditional Culture + Friendly People
  • Delicious Local Cuisine – excellent wine and seafood =)!
  • Perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun while making a few new friends =)

Though the focus for this clinic will be on the coast, pilots might consider exploring beyond to discover the xc opportunities Portugal has to offer.

In November of 2011, Portugal was put on the map as the new BIG WAVE destination, after Garrett McNamara surfed a record breaking wave of over 23 meters! Since then, Nazare has become a tourist hot spot, allowing the traditional culture to continue thriving in the wake of the new-found economy.

There are endless gems to discover in and around Nazare, from incredible cuisine to impressive castles and caves. Should we end up with spare time on our hands, the days will not be lost as exploring all this country has to offer could take years!

Click here to learn more about Nazare, Portugal. (Wiki)

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