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Sustainable progression is at the forefront of our programs, offering an experience that lasts beyond the course. Participants can expect to gain a greater sense of freedom and confidence with their gliders. We go the extra step, taking time to understand your background, dreams and needs as a pilot, and develop a progression plan unique to these aspects.


Name: Erica Dobie
Home Country: Canada
Profession: Tandem Pilot, PG Guide, Instructor
Other Passions: Film + Photography, Adventure Travel, Good Food + Sustainable Farming

Current Gliders:
Flow Paragliders Yoti15m2
Niviuk Paragliders Icepeak6 21m2
Level Wings Flame 11m2
Ozone Magnum2 38m2

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Name: Leonardo Jesus
Home Country: Portugal
Tandem Pilot, PG Guide, Instructor
Other Passions:
Music (trumpet), Adventure Travel, Airplanes, Photography

Current Gliders:
Flow Paragliders Yoti15m2
Sol Paragliders Sonic 3D 16m2
Level Wings Flame 9m2
Ozone Magnum2 38m2

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Erica + Leo met on the take-off of Sarangkot, Nepal in 2014. They each arrived on their own accord for paragliding with a mutual interest in aerobatics and adventure. In 2015, they returned together to Nazaré, Portugal; Leo’s hometown and an ideal base for coastal flying a wagas paragliding. They have since established FLY NAZARÉ and the TIP Clinic series, providing high-level education based in ground-handling and complete piloting, recognising the mental, physical and technical perspectives of the sport.

For them, building a strong connection to the glider is essential for every pilot. Hoping it will all work out on it’s own is a recipe for dangerous situations. Their programs offer every pilot, no matter their experience, a chance for greater control and confidence with their wing, creating space for progression in whatever discipline they pursue (xc, acro, wagas, accuracy). Good piloting, at every levels, starts on the ground. Join Erica + Leo for a course this season and discover a new level of fun and freedom in paragliding.

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