Group clinics this season are FULL.
Please contact directly for private + semi-private availability.

9 DAYS / 5-6 Pilots
LANGUAGE: Course is in English
Language assistance available in:
French, Portuguese + Spanish


About this Clinic:

TIP Clinics are about building the relationship between the pilot and glider. Gain confidence and technique for coastal flying in an ideal + open environment.



  • Personalised progression plan for improved glider control, tailored to your flying dreams and pursuits
  • Learn essential techniques for safety and freedom in the wind
  • 3 hours / day onsite instruction + theory, briefings and debriefings with video
  • Access to Flow Paragliders, Yoti (15m2 hybrid glider) for strong conditions and technique training
  • Additional onsite time for practice and flying
  • Fun, Safe, and Non-Judgemental learning environment
  • Gain a deeper sense of flow and connection with your glider, adding technique which transfers directly to your flying style

Not Included:

  • Meals *a kitchen will be available to prepare meals, and time for grocery shopping will be facilitated. Organised dinners in the village can be facilitated.
  • Airfare, Travel Insurance, Cancellation Insurance, equipment and all other relevant items not listed as “included”


Who is this clinic for?

  • Licensed Solo Pilots, Minimum of 50 flights
  • Pilots who want more experience and confidence controlling their wings, understanding the wind and optimising fun, freedom and safety.
  • Pilots who are looking to expand their possibilities and comfort in more advanced situations
  • Pilots who are ready to improve their skills and are open to receiving knowledge


Clinic Guides:


About Leonardo + Erica

This pair have thousands of hours logged in the wind. By spending as much time or more on the ground as in the sky, Leo + Erica have gained a freedom to play in the wind, which they share with you on this course.



Their passion is at the forefront of their coaching style. It is all about sharing the fun and freedom that comes with making friends with the wind.

By working together with your needs and unique ways as a pilot, progression happens naturally and sustainably.



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