9 Days / 8 Nights

PRICE: 1200 EUR / pp
*discount available for couples

4-6 Pilots
(non-flying partners may attend, based on availability. Inquire for details and pricing)



What’s Included:

  • Ground-Handling Techniques, detailed and personalised with Erica Dobie + Leonardo Jesus
  • Yoga + Meditation: implementing the Mind BODY TECHNIQUE connection to paragliding, with Sarah Sigrist
  • Accommodation in the TIP House directly on the beach of Nazare with huge garden and terrace: 8 nights in a private room
  • Airport Transfers on arrival and leaving days (inquire for details)
  • Dinner on arrival day, Breakfast on first morning.
  • TIP Gift!

Not Included:

  • Meals *a kitchen will be available to prepare meals, and time for grocery shopping will be facilitated. Restaurants are a 15 minute walk from the house. Organized dinners in the village can be facilitated
  • Airfare, Relevant Insurance, Cancellation Insurance, all other expenses not specified as “Included”

Clinic Guides:



Sarah discovered paragliding while travelling in the Indian Himalayas (Bir) with her partner, a keen cross-country pilot. Instead of waiting for him on the ground, she decided to get herself in the air.



This pair have as much experience on the ground as in the sky. Through their joy and commitment to ground-handling technique, Leo + Erica have gained a vast understanding and ability with ALL gliders, in all flyable conditions.Their passion is at the forefront of their coaching style.

It is all about sharing the fun and freedom that comes with making friends in the wind.


“A balanced body
and a controlled
mind are the
keys for fun and safe flights.”

Being a mountain lover, paragliding was a natural addition to her other passions such as climbing and mountaineering.

Yoga has been a consistent part of Sarah’s life, turned profession. It has proved as a true tool for progression in her sportive lifestyle. To her, yoga is the perfect mix of a physical and mental workout. Practicing yoga offered a positive impact on how confident she feels under her wing.


Assisting pilots as they break through their challenges is the greatest gift for Leo and Erica. By working together with your needs and unique ways as a pilot, progression happens naturally and sustainably, and always in good spirit.Progression on this clinic is only a matter of time spent and openess to learning. Are you ready for the next level?



About this Clinic:

TIP Clinics are about building the relationship between the pilot and glider. Build your confidence and technique in a comfortable and open environment.


This clinic provides direct and semi-private access to Erica + Leo‘s vast knowledge and expertise of the wind, complimented by the mental and physical connection to flying from pilot and yoga professional, Sarah Sigrist.

  • Learn essential techniques for being, and FEELING, safe in the wind.
  • Build your understanding and ability to navigate the role of the mind and physical control of the body through yoga and meditation, using specific techniques relative to paragliding pilots
  • Gain a deeper sense of flow and connection with your glider, technique which transfers directly to your flying style, weather you fly mostly in the wind or thermal
  • A structured and personalised framework for exploring the wind, tailored to your flying dreams and persuits.
  • Safe, comfortable and NON-JUDGEMENTAL learning environment


Why yoga?

During this week you will discover that yoga is much more than some physical exercises on a mat! You will learn techniques to help you go “inward”, allowing greater control of your mind in stressful situations.

Depending on the weather conditions, we will have a yoga session in the morning or in the evening. Morning practice focuses on waking up our bodies, stretching and strengthening the muscles groups most needed for ground-handling. Evening sessions focus on relaxation and restoration. Both classes will contain breath work and meditative elements, building key techniques to control your emotions and actions.

Who is this clinic for?

  • Licensed Pilots, Minimum of 50 flights (*inquire for details if you are not sure if you qualify for this clinic)
  • Pilots who feel their progression is limited by their ground-handling techniques
  • Pilots who are ready to improve their level and are open to receiving knowledge and advise to assit in their progression


Destination + Accommodations:

Guests will stay near the sea at a Portuguese private villa. This property is the perfect location for this TIP clinic:


  • central to 6 different flying-sites around Nazare
  • peaceful and spacious
  • accommodates our yoga practices and group discussions
  • one kitchen per 2/3-bedroom house
  • perfect for group meals or barbecues
  • 15 minute walk to the centre of Sitio, Nazare (the charming cliffside section of Nazare)
  • 10-15 minutes from shops, restaurants, cafes and tourist sites of Nazare

Nazare is a charming, sea-side village. It is one of the most traditional villages left in Portugal and offers the perfect location to discover Portuguese culture, on the ground and in the sky!

People have been paragliding here for over 30 years, yet the sites are blessed with a sense of peace and quiet and we often have the spots entirely to ourselves.

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Things to see and explore:

  • Large Beautiful Beaches
  • Flyable Coastline for N, NW, W, SW, + S
  • Mountain Sites Just 45 min. Away
  • Great opportunities to work on ground handling and top-landings
  • Castles, Caves, Museums
  • Traditional Culture + Friendly People
  • Delicious Local Cuisine – excellent wine and seafood =)!
  • Perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun while making a few new friends =)

Though the focus for this clinic will be on the coast, pilots might consider exploring beyond to discover the xc opportunities Portugal has to offer.

In November of 2011, Portugal was put on the map as the new BIG WAVE destination, after Garrett McNamara surfed a record breaking wave of over 23 meters (recently overtaken)! Since then, Nazare has become a tourist hot spot, allowing the traditional culture to continue thriving in the wake of the new-found economy.

There are endless gems to discover in and around Nazare, from incredible cuisine to impressive castles and caves. Should we end up with spare time on our hands, the days will not be lost as exploring all this country has to offer could take years!

Click here to learn more about Nazare, Portugal. (Wiki)

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