Mental Training + Ground-Handling

SPRING 2020 (dates pending)

9 DAYS / 1550 EUR +tax
Includes: Course (ground-handling training with mental coaching), access to mini wings, airport transfers, site transfers, accommodations with private room, welcome dinner, TIP Gift

– Share a room (ideal for couples and close friends)
– Self-manage accommodations and/or transportation
*** Inquire for details***

5-6 Pilots
LANGUAGE: Course is in English
Language assistance available in:
French, Portuguese, Spanish, German


About this Clinic:

Gaining a greater sense of independence is what TIP is all about. This TIP clinic focuses on building a strong connection between the mind and glider.

As pilots, we know that the mental aspect of paragliding plays a large role in our success and enjoyment while flying. By building a deeper understanding of our mind inside of paragliding, we are not only able to have more fun and freedom while flying, but build a powerful toolbox to achieve our flying pursuits as well.

On this course, participants can expand their techniques and build confidence in their ability to manage their gliders through combined ground-handling and mental-training.

Why it Works!
TIP programs provide an environment for powerful transformations. There are several reasons why this happens:

  • It is an integral clinic, encompassing both the mental and physical components of paragliding for all-around piloting
  • Three professionals connect and share their expertise in each component, offering their passion and energy to benefit the participants.
  • Small groups sizes – 6 participants. Our TIP Experts value an intimate experience, taking time to know each pilot, their needs and personalities. This allows to participants to receive information that is most valuable to them.
  • An all-female clinic: this provides a unique, open and familiar environment, allowing participants to be more relaxed and connect with the issues, challenges and break-throughs that are unique to us, as female pilots.
  • Location + Environment: the beaches of Portugal offer an ideal environment for learning. It is peaceful and spacious and the sand is soft! =)



Not Included:

  • Meals *a kitchen will be available to prepare meals, and time for grocery shopping will be facilitated. Organised dinners in the village can be facilitated.
  • Airfare, Travel Insurance, Cancellation Insurance, equipment and all other relevant items not listed as “included”


Who is this clinic for?

  • Licensed Female Pilots, Minimum of 50 flights
  • Pilots who want more experience and confidence controlling their wings, understanding the wind and optimising fun, freedom and safety.
  • Pilots who are looking to expand their possibilities and comfort in more advanced situations
  • Pilots who are ready to improve their skills and are open to receiving knowledge

Clinic Guides:






Gaining a greater understanding of our minds is a powerful tool for our sport.Participants will be presented with practical and applicable tools to better manage their minds, while training and flying. Pilots will explore flying-related challenges, gain clarity of their dreams and intentions for progression as pilots. Katrin’s accessible and efficient tools enable participants to work with their mind in a positive and manageable way.




About Leonardo + Erica

This pair have thousands of hours logged in the wind. By spending as much time or more on the ground as in the sky, Leo + Erica have gained a freedom to play in the wind, which they share with you on this course.



Their passion is at the forefront of their coaching style. It is all about sharing the fun and freedom that comes with making friends with the wind.

By working together with your needs and unique ways as a pilot, progression happens naturally and sustainably.






Nazare is a charming, sea-side village,central to 6 different flying-sites. It is one of the most traditional villages left in Portugal and offers the perfect location to discover Portuguese culture, on the ground and in the sky!

People have been paragliding here for over 30 years, yet the sites are blessed with a sense of peace and quiet and it is not uncommon to have the spots entirely to ourselves.


Things to see and explore:

  • Large Beautiful Beaches
  • Flyable Coastline for N, NW, W, SW, + S
  • Mountain Sites Just 45 min. Away
  • Great opportunities to work on ground handling and top-landings
  • Castles, Caves, Museums
  • Traditional Culture + Friendly People
  • Delicious Local Cuisine – excellent wine and seafood =)!
  • Perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun while making a few new friends =)

Though the focus for this clinic will be on the coast, pilots might consider exploring beyond to discover the xc opportunities Portugal has to offer.

In November of 2011, Portugal was put on the map as the new BIG WAVE destination, after Garrett McNamara surfed a record breaking wave of over 23 meters (recently overtaken)! Since then, Nazare has become a tourist hot spot, allowing the traditional culture to continue thriving in the wake of the new-found economy.

There are endless gems to discover in and around Nazare, from incredible cuisine to impressive castles and caves. Should we end up with spare time on our hands, the days will not be lost as exploring all this country has to offer could take years!

Click here to learn more about Nazare, Portugal. (Wiki)


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