TIP Expert:
Bunok Kravitz

bunok copy

Focus: Body Training + Therapy for pg pilots.

 Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor / Trigger Point Therapist

YouTube Channel: TheYogaBunny

Bunok has been practicing yoga for more than 20 years, teaching for more than 10 and paragliding for over 4. Her instruction is strongly based in anatomy and the biomechanics of movement. She also uses trigger point therapy, a myofascial release technique, on her clients suffering from pain, often stemming from chronic muscle overload (RSI).

In her first days of flying lessons, Bunok saw how paragliding can strain the body. It was a natural progression for Bunok to begin integrating her body therapy practices to help herself, and other pilots and instructors, prepare and repair their bodies.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR7197.JPG“We all, as pilots, overuse certain muscles in our bodies. If proper attention is not paid to the body, we end up paying the price, eventually. ”

Throughout her four years of paragliding, Bunok experienced two accidents and quite a few hard landings. It’s forced her to learn, through her own healing processes and her practice, how to optimally care for her body as a pilot.

“When we are free to move, we can discover the power of our bodies and begin to build our technique, confidence and control, while minimising wear and tear, risk of injury, and providing faster recovery when required.”

Pilots can register for in-person or online sessions with Bunok. Learn how to prepare, maintain and treat your body, as paragliding pilots. Enjoy the extended range of movement, from the ground up.
Send TIP an inquiry or take profit of Bunok’s techniques and follow her on YouTube!

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