TIP Expert + Founder: Erica Dobie

SONY DSCFocus: Ground-Handling Techniques

Profession: Expert in Ground-Handling Techniques and Founder of TIP Clinics / The Independent Pilot,Tandem Paragliding Pilot, Tour Operator and Co-Owner of Fly Nazare Parapente, Waggas Pilot and amateur Film-maker.

Website: ericadobie.com
Vimeo: vimeo.com/airicado

Erica has been addicted to paragliding since 2011. Her core focus is wagas style flying (advanced ground-handling or acro near the ground) but she also enjoys working acrobatics when she has the altitude.

“I first started playing with the wind because I was afraid of it. Now it [wagas] is a playful dance for me. It requires a connection between my mind, body, and glider. Since putting time in on the ground, I’ve gained a much greater understanding of my glider, giving me knowledge that I can apply to the rest of my flying.”

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During TIP clinics, Erica provides ground-handling expertise, assisting participants in discovering their own techniques and expressions with their gliders. Sustainability is what she aims for, providing opportunities for success on the clinic and into their future flying experiences.

“Helping pilots discover their unique talents is a big passion of mine. We all have the ability to be great pilots. It’s just a matter of finding our unique learning styles and finding the right path for progression.”

Erica works in small groups and private sessions to provide personalised support to participants. Discovering the most effective advice for each participant, understanding their learning styles and building resources that TIP participants will have for life, is her ultimate reward.

Join Erica on the beach for a clinic this year!

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