TIP Founders

Roles: Ground-Handling Techniques / TIP Co-Founder

Roles: Mental Training Expert / TIP Co-Founder

Making the Connection

Katrin and Erica were drawn together through their shared passions of flying, adventure and a general love for life. Connecting over a video shared by Erica of flying on the coast of Portugal, Katrin was compelled to write Erica and simply say “hello”. Little did they know that one year later, to the date, they would be together on that very same beach, preparing to welcome the first group of TIP Participants.


The TIP concept was an obvious development for Katrin and Erica. Sharing their ideas of adventure in the sky, and freedom through mental training and ground-handling techniques, Katrin and Erica developed a program for other female paragliding pilots.

“We knew that there were other female pilots out there that could benefit from the tools that we had developed. The idea of bringing it together was instantly exciting! We just had to create it.” ~ Katrin Ganter


TIP Concept

When you sit back and think about our sport, we can immediately identify the key components: knowledge, experience, mental-control, physical control and technique. However, looking at our current programs and structures of courses, there are very little resources that bring these elements together, especially drawing on the mind, body + specialised techniques of our sport.

“Building the original TIP Clinic – MBT – was like building a dream clinic for us, and our future participants.”
~ Erica Dobie

Katrin and Erica had both experienced great benefits of their own unique tools: ground-handling techniques and mental training. By bringing them together, and adding the invaluable physical connection through yoga, was sure to be a recipe for success. Keeping in mind the learning behaviours and characteristics of female pilots was at the forefront.

“We wanted to offer a fun environment that allowed us to uncover and let go of our insecurities in paragliding. Having the right energy, expertise and opportunities to progress… this was the goal.” ~ Erica Dobie

Moving forward, TIP’s concept is growing to incorporate more technical aspects of paragliding, maintaining TIP’s core concepts along the way:

1. Supporters of Women in Paragliding

TIP Clinic is committed to providing opportunities to women in paragliding, as professionals and learners. For some female-pilots, this has proven to be a very positive experience. Having a chance to connect with female professionals and participants, in an environment that focuses on challenges that are more unique to women, allows for new techniques and concepts to develop.

Women can approach flying in different ways, offering a broader range of knowledge and perspective. This adds to the whole picture of flying for all pilots. To increase everyone’s opportunities at new knowledge and progression, TIP will seek out female professionals to lead clinics and continue to develop concepts for women in paragliding.

2. Exploring paragliding from new perspectives.

TIP brings the less explored aspects of flying to the forefront. While discovering complementary skills for our unique flying-styles, pilots are getting closer to their goals, with learned confidence, by building multi-angled skills sets.

Uncovering concepts of the mind and body, in conjunction with specific technical trainings, like SIV, ground-handling and XC flying, provides a unique advantage. Pilots can progress quickly and safely, with more ownership and understanding of their abilities.

Register for a TIP clinic today and discover more possibilities in your flying.

3. TIP’s Community Mandate

Building a community of resources is at the foundation of TIP Clinics’ concept. By expanding and involving the international community, we open up more opportunities for participants and professionals to connect and share knowledge.

Are you a master, expert or guide that can contribute to this growing community of professionals? Send us a message to share your interests.

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