TIP Expert: Katrin Ganter

edit-7272Roles: Mental Training

Profession: Mental-coaching for extreme sportspeople and pilots, travel-guide for pilots, psychotherapeutic, medical and solution-orientated hypnotherapist, take-off directress for paragliding school and SIV trainings, and former midwife.

 www.berghypnose.ch (German)

For the past 5 years, Katrin has been busy providing mental training to pilots, individually and in groups, for SIV/Acro courses, technical trainings and guided paragliding travels. In April of 2017, Katrin presented along side other big names in paragliding, including Ewa Wisnierska and Pál Takáts, for ProFly’s Discovery Day 2017 (in German). She is also working on her Swiss tandem rating and working with TimeToFly, the local paragliding school near her home in Switzerland.


Katrin’s mental-training programs are presented to pilots through practical and applicable tools. These tools provide gateways for understanding flying-related challenges, reducing attached fear and aligning with the participants pathway to success.

During a clients work-process, Katrin offers expertise and support in an organised framework, addressing immediate and ongoing goals. Providing accessible and efficient tools enables her client to work with their mind in a positive and manageable way. Watching these techniques provide powerful transformations for her clients is the ultimate reward for Katrin.

While flying, the happiest moments often coincide with the most demanding moments. In this sense, it was natural for me to combine my knowledge and experience in midwifery, hypnotherapy and paragliding-work, with a mental-coaching for paragliding pilots.”

Born in Germany, with a profound love and joy for life, Katrin naturally gravitated to midwifery at the young age of 26. Curiosity and a spirit for adventure took her on many international travels with an old fire engine. Eventually she found paragliding in 2001. Since then she’s been building her life around flying, getting in the air as much as possible and incorporating her professional knowledge and experience to achieve her goals and help others achieve theirs too. Additionally, Katrin is a passionate kitesurfer and skier.


Katrin’s journey as taken her around the world, provided opportunities to accompany woman through birthing, working with hypnosis as a tool to lay foundations for life-changing experiences. This has been deeply inspiring and motivating for Katrin. She is putting all her efforts in finding new and old ways to unlock inner freedom and self-determination for clients, offering space to tackle challenges along their path.

“Having full and easy access to our conscious and unconscious minds opens up a door for us to grow. Allowing the enormous joy of paragliding, which we have all sampled, to not be a fluke experience but a constant element in our lives. It’s up to us to open this door and enter these possibilities.”

Katrin Flyer (2)Katrin’s expanded education solidified her understanding of how the mind can be a tool to help us achieve great things. Applying this knowledge to her passion of paragliding was an obvious step for her.

“Discovering self-organising hypnotherapy was a huge gift! I learned how to use the possibilities of the unconscious thought process in such a way that a target-achievement process can quickly and fruitfully provide the tools we need to overcome challenges.”

Join Katrin this October in Portugal during our mental training + ground-handling program!

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