Guest Expert: Sandra Chormann


Focus: Yoga + Restoration for Pilots

Profession: Certified Yoga Instructor / Massage Therapist

Website: (German)

Sandra runs a yoga and shiatsu practice at her hometown of Berlin. In her yoga and massage work, she’s focuses on building up introspection of our bodies and nurturing our intuition when working with our bodies. She’s regularly leading yoga retreats all over the world. She has spent a lot of time in Thailand, learning different yoga styles that have influenced her work. These travels inspired her to connect multiple styles of yoga to create an ideal practice for her clients.

“ Spending a lot of time travelling in nature influenced myself and my work a lot. It opened up my senses and made my work much more intense.”


At TIP, Sandra connect’s yoga exercises, specifically geared to female pilots. Sandra helps pilots maintain their energy throughout the clinic, using daily trainings for strength, flexibility, balance, and mindfulness. Practice focuses on building introspection of our bodies and recognition of the physical connection for ground-handling and free-flight. 

“To work with pilots means to take responsibility, providing the unique practice for your needs. I will incorporate meditation to our sessions, using tools to maintain the peaceful state of mind off of the mat and into to sky.”

IMG_8363Participants of the next MBT clinic can expect to gain a greater understanding of how to connect with their flying from a physical perspective.

Join Sandra, Katrin + Erica, this October, in the coast of Portugal, to open a new way to fly, starting on the ground.

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