Guest Expert: Thomas Rast

Focus: Providing Effective SIV and Acro Trainings

Profession: Pilot and paragliding instructor at Time To Fly, located in the Swiss Alps.


Tom Rast is an incredibly versatile pilot and instructor at Time To Fly. In his school, Tom works with a variety of pilots, while they get comfortable with all aspects of flying: handling strong mountain thermals and xc-flying, understanding meteorology, hike and fly excursions, SIV and acro training.

He is always creating a fun atmosphere while he maintaining the ability to really push his student’s confidence and flying abilities. Tom is finding his reward in the big smiles and happiness when his trainees succeed. His trainees and students love his calmness, approachability and humour, while having the ability to push their confidence and abilities to the next stage.

“I never feel embarrassed when flying and learning with Tom- He’s pushing my progress, trusting my abilities and  I can always ask him any question to get the information I need to develop my flying skills. If I am making a mistake he will look it over with me in a calm and constructive way.” Amira Nenaj, SIV Student

Join Tom and Katrin Ganter during the next SIV + Mental-Training happening this October.

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