Alessandra Lavazza, IT

“Great opportunity to build up technical skills and to use them with confidence! Building up skills while being followed by a mental trainer in a “safe” environment was the best recipe to achieve my paragliding goals. Location and accommodation to dream of!”
~ Alessandra Lavazza, IT

Barbara Knoepfli, CH

“What a successful beautiful week! Everything matched, the weather was perfect and allowed us to get tonnes of training. Also the group of people, comfortable relaxed helpful funny sincere. It helped me a lot to progress and I wish to come back for another week.”
~ Barbara Knoepfli, CH

Admira, AL

“I had a fabulous time with the Erica, Katrin and Sandra and my flying buddies. The combination of the three components Technical/Mind/Body that TIP Clinics offers is brilliant. The concept they have developed helped me a lot in becoming more independent and very confident in flying and handling the glider in strong wind conditions. The feeling I always wanted to have since I started paragliding I felt in Nazaré when soaring the dunes and I loved it.

I am a strong believer of a holistic approach and I think you Ladies @ TIP Clinic are definitely on the right track. I had lots of fun and learned a lot I will definitely be back!!! Thank you ladies see you soon!! xoxo”
~ Admira ‘Mira’ ‘Ada, Albania

Katarína Kopoldová, 38 years, CZ

“TIP clinic was a fulfilled dream for me. I was dreaming of a sky, full of flying motivated girls, and regaining my flying confidence after I broke my hand some time ago. These days gave me so much! I knew I needed ground-handling but couldn’t find any time for it and even when I did, I didn’t know what should I train. My fear was pushing me back but I was not able to deal with it on my own. I just loved the complexity of it – Erica’s technical skills and ability to make it clean, Katrin’s questions leading to better understanding of our fears and doubts, Bunok’s vividness and her individual help with our bodies, the inspirational personalities of other participating women and our talks with great surroundings. Thank you for this wonderful time!”
~ Katarína Kopoldová, 38 years, CZ

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