What do TIP participants have to say????

“I had a fabulous time with the Erica, Katrin and Sandra and my flying buddies. The combination of the three components Technical/Mind/Body that TIP Clinics offers is brilliant. The concept they have developed helped me a lot in becoming more independent and very confident in flying and handling the glider in strong wind conditions. The… Continue Reading →

Admira, AL

“Great opportunity to build up technical skills and to use them with confidence! Building up skills while being followed by a mental trainer in a “safe” environment was the best recipe to achieve my paragliding goals. Location and accommodation to dream of!” ~ Alessandra Lavazza, IT

Alessandra Lavazza, IT

“What a successful beautiful week! Everything matched, the weather was perfect and allowed us to get tonnes of training. Also the group of people, comfortable relaxed helpful funny sincere. It helped me a lot to progress and I wish to come back for another week.” ~ Barbara Knoepfli, CH

Barbara Knoepfli, CH

“TIP clinic was a fulfilled dream for me. I was dreaming of a sky, full of flying motivated girls, and regaining my flying confidence after I broke my hand some time ago. These days gave me so much! I knew I needed ground-handling but couldn’t find any time for it and even when I did, I didn’t know… Continue Reading →

Katarína Kopoldová, 38 years, CZ

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